Ownly’s first blockchain game, a 3D Open World exploring Metaverse Play-To-Earn game.

Play-to-Earn Game Announcement

Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s upcoming play-to-earn game inspired by the tales and adventures of our mustached NFT avatars called Mustachios, created by the one and only Boii Mustache.
The Mustachios are one of the first-ever NFTs with corresponding individual stories and ten chapters of collective adventure that you can read online through The Sages Rant where they were in the lookout for the nine fabled artifacts collectively called The Grooming Kit.
As the journey of the Mustachios from an online zine to a 3D Open World interactive game, Mustachio NFT holders are entitled to receive a 3D NFT version of their 2D avatar that they can use to play the game.
There are only 22 Mustachios left. Mint yours now.

What’s in Store For You in Mustachio Quest

Mustachio Quest will be VR-native where you can solve puzzles, craft, battle, and explore a 3D open world with other players. You can also discover hidden game items, buy virtual land, and earn tokens from player activity.

3D Open World

Players can also grow and assemble a team of Mustachios and compete with other teams where winners will be rewarded with our reward token. Exclusive “Mustachio magical items” that you can use in the game to your advantage will also be available in our Ownly NFT marketplace.

Let’s build the game together!

We are now in the early stage of our game development. As we continue to build the game in public with the community, we’d love to know your thoughts about it. We’ll be conducting polls and we always welcome your suggestions.
We value our Mustachio community. Get the latest game sneak peeks through our discord server: https://mustachioverse.com/discord