OWN Token Distribution
To achieve our vision for Ownly, we will allocate 20% of the total supply for private sale and 26.6667% for IDO. We’re targeting to raise $120,000.00. We believe this amount is relatively small compared to other projects which raised millions of dollars.
Since 2018, we’ve already proven that our team can start small yet capable of launching big. We won 13th place out of 100+ global entries during Decentraland Game Jam 2019. We will not conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and OWN tokens will be available to the public through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO).
The private sale price is $0.000020. While the Initial DEX Offering price will be $0.000030.
The expected OWN circulating supply at Token Generation Event (TGE) is 3,000,000,000, which has an initial market cap of $90,000.00 at the Initial DEX Offering price.
OWN Token Distribution
A significant aspect of the token distribution is the longer vesting period. This incentivizes the team only if they’re able to deliver the project. This is a more pragmatic, sustainable, and responsible approach.
Expected use of funds
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