Ownly Market
Buy, own, collect, and trade 1/1 edition of NFT artworks by our featured artists at https://ownly.market.
Ownly Market is available on Web and Mobile having collections deployed in Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon networks. Its staking platform was launched in the first month of 2022 and can be accessed in https://stake.ownly.market, in which you may stake your OWN tokens to earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs. It is having its continuous development and will be adding Artist Launchpad in the coming quarters.
The Mustachios by Boii Mustache on Ethereum.
CryptoSolitaire by Chen Naje on Ethereum.
Titans of Industry by Eugene Oligo on Binance Smart Chain.
Inkvadyrz by Lei Melendres on Ethereum.
Genesis Block by Marso on Ethereum.
Exploits and Effects by Dan Vincent Barotilla, Glenn de Guzman and Mel Baranda
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