OWNLY Roadmap

OWNLY Roadmap

Our team is looking to raise funding this year to be able to focus on the development and launch of the Ownly platform in 2021. Ownly’s various products will be launched in stages starting with the Inkvadyrz Collection by Lei Melendres and other collections collaborating with new artists this year.
The Inkvadyrs by Lei Melendres
Next is our own Titans of Industry Collection by Eugene Oligo to be launched in Binance Smart Chain — Binance NFT Marketplace, which will launch in Q2 2021.
Titans of Industry by Eugene Oligo
Then our OWN Token Launchpad and Mustachio Avatars will launch in Q3 2021.
Mustachio Collection
Our fourth and final Ownly product this 2021 is the launch of our Tokenized Physical Art Collection and our Ownly NFT Art Exhibit which has a target launch of Q4 2021 and the Start of Research and Development of Environment-friendly, NFT-focused Blockchain in 2022.
Physical Art Collection to be tokenized this Q4 2021
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