What is OWNLY?
Backed with over 2+ years of experience in the NFT and blockchain industry, Ownly is a governance token-based NFT-focused marketplace, curator, and a blockchain platform with an existing basket portfolio of NFT artworks that enable creators and collectors to optimize the authentic value of NFT assets. Ownly is created to be a meeting place of artworks and collectors in the crypto space. It offers a Decentralized NFT Marketplace, Staking, NFT launching &curation, and NFT-focused & energy-efficient blockchain platform in a seamless, transparent, secure, inclusive, and interoperable approach.
With the Ownly platform, users can own, buy, collect and trade single edition artworks created by our featured artists and earn a reward for collecting NFTs. Users also have the opportunity to choose from multiple staking options to earn OWN Tokens and NFT Rewards.
Our Key Features
The Ownly platform will provide the following solutions:
Decentralized Governance
  • Governance of Ownly will be delegated to OWN holders
  • OWN holders are able to participate in decision-making for governing the platform including selecting artists and artworks via systematic voting.
Support Creators
  • Support artists to focus more on their art while Ownly fills in the gap of the technology side of NFT
  • Provide marketing and promotion for every featured artist to help in inclining their value.
Reward Collectors
  • Reward collectors with exclusive NFTs in return for their support to our featured artists.
  • Participate in our multiple staking options to earn more rewards such as OWN tokens and NFTs.
Last modified 5mo ago
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