What is OWNLY?
Backed with over 3+ years of experience in the NFT and blockchain industry, OWNLY is a metaverse-focused platform that allows creators and collectors to optimize ownership and utility through innovative applications of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Ownly is created to be a meeting place of artists, gamers, and collectors in the crypto and NFT space. It offers a Decentralized NFT Marketplace, Staking, NFT launching curation, and NFT-focused & energy-efficient blockchain platform in a seamless, transparent, secure, inclusive, and interoperable approach.
With the Ownly platform, users can own, buy, collect and trade single edition artworks created by our featured artists and earn a reward for collecting NFTs. Users also have the opportunity to choose from multiple staking options to earn OWN Tokens and NFT Rewards.
The Ownly platform will provide the following solutions:
Ownly DAO
  • OWN holders can govern and decide the trajectory of the OWNLY platform on certain economic factors such as voting for the next featured artist, collateral and interest rate.
Mode of Payment
  • OWN Tokens will be used for paying the platform fees, buying and selling NFTs in OWNLY. OWN token holders can also purchase premiere NFTs at a discounted price.
Staking and NFT Rewards
  • OWN Tokens and NFTS will be used as rewards in our Liquidity Mining Pool. Ownly NFT holders are also entitled to quarterly OWN airdrops.
Governance Incentives
  • OWN Token holders who participate in OWNLY Governance for its continuous and sustained improvement and growth are entitled to OWN rewards.
Gaming Rewards
  • Players can earn game rewards in OWN that can be used to buy assets in the Play To Earn games or for decentralized transactions.
Artist Support
  • Creating NFTs in Ownly Market can be rewarding. Featured artists can earn OWN tokens as an incentive for adding their artworks on the Ownly platform.
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