Our Team
Our team is composed of a diverse group of artists, collectors, designers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals with 70+ years of combined experience in finance, software development, education, marketing, art, and design. We are continuously improving and growing our team to deliver Ownly’s mission and vision of global NFT and cryptocurrency adoption.

Ismael Jerusalem, Chief Executive Officer

Ismael is the Head Organizer of Albay Multimedia Arts Convention (AMAC), the biggest event celebrating creativity in the Bicol Region. He is also a Community Manager of Bicol IT Org. Inc., the largest and most active IT advocacy non-profit organization in the Southern Luzon.
He launched a very successful Augmented Reality art exhibit based on the Ibalong epic, Bicol's earliest work of literature. One of the first presentations in the country that combines art and cutting edge technology last August 2019 together with Studio Down South. He was formerly the Gallery Manager of Galleria de Embarcadero, which supports homegrown creative talents in showcasing their works of art.
He earned Blockchain certifications from IBM. He also earned Adobe Influencer Status and certifications from Adobe Education Exchange.

Bernard Historillo, Chief Technology Officer

Bernard is a full stack developer with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science who works with various national and international clients. He worked on both frontend and backend in several software development projects in US based and Singapore based clients.
He won several programming competitions. He plays a key role in delivering quality software systems. He also earned several certifications in attending national conferences in the tech industry.

Kina Añasco, Chief Marketing Officer

Kina is an Online Marketing Strategist and Conversion Copywriter with years of experience in personal branding, sales funnels, social media, and email marketing. She delivered hundreds of different types of content for diverse clients globally, including creatives, therapists, coaches, and consultants.
She coached International clients in growing their personal brands online through content marketing strategies that move the needle forward in their business.
When she’s not on her computer, she juggles life as a serial entrepreneur, event and wedding planner, host, and her favorite title of all -- mom.

Mark Jerly Bundalian, Full Stack Developer

Mark is a Full Stack Developer who graduated Cum Laude with the degree of BS Information Technology. He is a former member of the university's programming varsity and competed in several national and regional programming competitions. He also has years of experience in web and/or software development as a freelancer for several international, national, and local business owners.
Because of his skills and willingness to learn more in his field of expertise, he received several certifications awarded by different institutions for taking courses online and attending webinars. He is a leader who loves to share ideas with his colleagues, values teamwork, and most especially, transparency at work.

Kristoffer Ray Corral, Lead Game Developer

Kristoffer is a full stack developer who graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. During his college years, he actively took part in programming competitions showing his passion for the course. He worked with a French-based company, focusing on developing web apps. He also dabbled into the fintech industry, being part of the team that successfully launched one of the first locally-produced mobile banking app in the region.
Proving to be capable in a variety of fields, his versatility and proficiency in what he does is undeniable. He continuously challenges himself and loves to explore new ideas.

Kyle Jay Naron, Marketing Specialist

KJ Naron is the swiss army knife of the team, with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and digital space industries across APAC.
As a curious-minded Communication Major, KJ is a multipotentialite ready to take a leap into greater heights to be part of the next big thing with decentralized economy.

Rico Zuñiga, Technical Advisor

Rico has over 15 years of experience leading product development teams for startups and multinational companies. Rico has been working with blockchain technology since 2017. He is also a ConSys-certified blockchain developer. Moreover, Rico is the co-founder of Bicol IT.org Inc., the largest and most active IT advocacy non-profit organization in Southern Luzon.
He’s currently the CTO of SparkPoint Technologies Inc., a Blockchain technology startup from the Philippines. They launched their own cryptocurrency token called SRK in 2018, where you can store SRK in their wallet or trade it on BitMart, HotBit, Crex24, and Uniswap.
He also contributed to a few open source projects on GitHub. On the side, he teaches various technologies and writes coding tutorials.

Carlo Pinto, CPA, MBA, Fintech Advisor

Carlo is a Certified Public Accountant, he had practiced all areas of the accounting profession: commerce and industry, academe, government, and public practice. He had worked with fortune 500 companies and local businesses in different accounting and finance roles to provide timely and reliable financial information to decision-makers. He served as the chief accountant of a national government agency. He founded an accounting firm as a sole practitioner and subsequently co-founded a partnership.

Raf Banzuela, Creative Advisor

Raf Banzuela an illustrator and designer based in the Philippines with over 10 years of industry experience. Combining surrealism and realism in his highly detailed works focused on the human figure and nature,
Raf Banzuela‘s creations are absolutely fascinating. This is what makes his works give the viewer this troubling feeling. His medium is mainly graphite, but he also uses acrylic and ink.
He works with national and international clients such as The Great Little Place London, Hinge Inquirer Publications, Ystyle - Philippine Star, Chop Suey Publications, Lifeline Foundation, and General Interactive Co.

Kendra Lopera, Content Creator

Kendra is a performer and content creator with 2 years of experience in commercial, print, and runway modeling. She has worked and collaborated with local brands as their brand ambassador. An outgoing and affable Architecture major, Kendra loves browsing art and hanging out with her dogs

Micah Grace Rico, Content Specialist

Micah is a content specialist with more than four years of experience in copywriting, SEO, and content management. She has worked with several local and US-based businesses, helping them thrive in the digital space.
She is also the CMO and Co-Founder of BouncebackPH, a local streetwear brand that combines fashion with stories of strength and hope. In her free time, she likes to write about the things that spark her interest like tech, art, productivity and personal development.

Yasha, Community Manager

Flor, preferably known as “Yasha-chan”, is an Information Technology graduate who worked on numerous local and international projects over the years. She is currently pursuing her passion as a gamer, live streamer, and internet influencer, while acting as a liaison for several native and global brands.
She has also been into content creating and won a film competition with seven total awards, in which she executed as the director, screenwriter and producer simultaneously. With years of community development service, she exhibits different life advocacies, brand presence, and great relationships among organizations and their audience.
As a bubbly and optimistic person, Yasha aims to connect the community by giving them constant encouragement that everyone’s voice can be heard; as well as guiding them into building a solid foundation with adaptable understanding that creates a safe space for many.

Morris Perico, Brand Ambassador

Morris is highly experienced in marketing and advertising with a demonstrated history in Social Media industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Sales Marketing, Public Speaking, and Cryptocurrency.
He's a profound Community Influencer and dedicated Project Promoter.
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